Frequently Asked Questions

Package Preparation

We always invite our customers to do an estimated guess. An average package is 5 lbs. However, if you need to add extra weight you can add up to 10 more extra pounds on our website section “Add extra pounds” and pay for it there. We will connect those pounds to your order. If you are over that 10 lbs amount you will need to make another order.

Many families come to us a week ahead of the shipment asking if we can include their packages and we can’t. Our shipments sell out around 2-3 weeks of the shipping date. Thus, make your order ahead of time as space is limited.

No, a form should be included in one package. The rest of the packages should contain the Missionary name – mission and bag number written clearly with sharpie.

Packages from Amazon tend to get lost. Amazon or the family forget to put who the package belongs to and stays sitting in our warehouse. Also, it’s very hard to add one little thing to a package as we receive hundreds of packages weekly.

The principle is to send it in a transparent bag. You do not need to use a small bag if you are shipping bigger items. You can purchase XL ziplock bags in Amazon or even Walmart/Target to put all your items inside. But do not limit yourself to 10 small bags when you can put all in one.

You would truly help us by removing the tags. When we go through customs we do not want to give the impression we are reselling any items inside the country. Removing the tags helps us avoid any confusion with customs officials.

No, please take the shoes out. The boxes take too much space that we could use to include other packages to ship.

Less than .5 lbs = You do not have to pay
Half a pound over = You pay half a pound
More than .5 lbs = Pay extra pound

You will receive an email from us to let you know the final weight in order for you to pay the difference on our website.

You will receive an email once your package is at the office. 

It usually takes between 3-7 days after the shipping to the country occurs. Remember you will be notified of the whole process and especially when your package gets delivered.

Despite not wanting boxes to not take extra space, foods need to come in their original packaging. 
For example, do not take cereal out of the box. 
Do not take Mc&Cheese out of its box
In general there are 2 main things you can’t send:
1) Technology: Computers – Ipads – Phones
2) Prescription Medicines: No prescription medicine from Walgreens or CVS in its regular package. 
Chile*: Seeds and Beef Jerky are not allowed

Yes, but please be moderate. The max amount of bottles of vitamins per person is 3. Many people exaggerate the amount of vitamins that they are sending and then it created confusion with the customs official.

Remember that you can add up to 10 extra pounds. If you go over you will need to make another order.

Please do not send cash. However, if you want to send a few coins that is permitted. 

Mailing to Saratoga Springs

You should be receiving an email from our business once your package is scanned at our Warehouse with the status of your package as “Received in Saratoga Springs”

Please do not select the option for us to sign upon delivery. We are not usually present to be able to sign packages. If it happens, we need to make a trip to USPS in order to pick it up and it makes us waste a lot of time

You can contact us on Facebook – by email – or calling us. If that is not fixed in time your package will stay behind for a later shipment. We will take care of that but we need to know ahead of time. One package with no name could easily get lost with hundreds of other packages.

You can contact us on Facebook – by email – or calling us. If that is not fixed in time your package will stay behind for a later shipment. When this happens your package is put last in line so we need to make sure it gets fixed on time.